Hartworx, family owned and operated, was officially formed on January 1st of 2016 by Michael Hart to serve swimming pool owners of Volusia and Seminole Counties along with surrounding communities.  Our goals will always be centered around customer service while giving safe, honest and accurate solutions to swimming pool problems in a timely manner.  We live by the word of mouth referral and hope to earn one from you.

​​The last 10 years has brought dramatic change with regards to safety and construction techniques in the swimming pool industry. Pools are now built better and safer than ever due to updated and expanded code requirements for plumbing hydraulics, green energy, lighting/grounding, drain/sump covers, safety barriers and more.  There is still room for improvement and Hartworx is committed to best practices and exceeding code compliance with every job that we do to ensure injury free outcomes for safe, fun and healthy swimming pool experiences.   

Our Team

A Swimming Pool Service Company.

​​If we can't fix it...you don't pay!

Tha Kyd

While not technically on the Hartworx payroll due to certain federal child labor regulations, Tha Kyd always shows serious initiative to get things done such as:  swimming back and forth across the pool at 2 years of age by herself, proper water gun spraying technique and of course her favorite... "fun bossin!"  She keeps moral high and we expect big things and a bright future in the pool industry.

Who We Are...

Michael Hart

Michael has worked most facets of the swimming pool industry from maintenance, repairs and retail to volume construction with the largest pool builders in Florida.  His work ethic, attention to detail and field experience make him well suited for the daily challenges facing the Hartworx service company.  Although he is a licensed contractor, his primary focus is service and maintenance and all his customers have his direct cell phone number to ensure immediate response and resolution to their service requests.